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Hastings Fat Tuesday ‘Unplugged Saturday’
A packed afternoon of acoustic music sessions, as 60 emerging and established artists and bands across all genres play 15- minute sets at participating venues across town.

1pm : Fat Tuesday Club // 1.15pm: Punk Choir // 1.30pm: The Kukes // 1.45pm: Mr Wilson’s Second Liners // 2pm: Ethan Jones // 2.15pm: India Electric Company // 2.30pm: Silent Natives // 2.45pm: Lost Revellers // 3pm: Robin Bennett // 3.15pm: Frank From Blue Velvet // 3.30pm: Lily Ramona // 3.45pm: Danny Horn & The Shared Myths // 4pm: The United Stoats Of America // 4.15pm: Rufus Miller // 4.30pm: Sabrina // 4.45pm: Dhol Players & Band Baja // 5pm: The Dead Rabbits // 5.15pm: Sugar Loaf Band // 5.30pm: Prince Keira // 5.45pm: Lewis Floyd Henry