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The word Albion derives from the ancient Latin word Alba, meaning white – supposedly named after the white cliffs of Dover that the Romans looked over at from France. In time Albion became a word for the Island comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall – hence its use as an alternative for United in certain football teams.

The various flowers signifying each country can be found in our logo.

The roots of the Albion Pub can be traced back to 1730 when the first ale house was licenced on the site. Todays building dates from 1830 when the sea was right outside – where the main road is in fact!

The beautiful and atmospheric interior was installed back in the 1930s by long gone brewer, Youngers of Edinburgh. The oak panelling and collection of tartans of the clans in our “Scottish” Bar was Youngers’ house style and remarkably it has survived the many following decades of pub “improvements”. In fact, it is one of the few remaining examples.

Our seafront or “English” Bar features a stunning and bespoke wallpaper design of the rolling fields of Albion by local artist Melissa White. Can you spot Hastings Castle in the design?

For more history of the Albion and other Hastings Pubs visit www.hastingspubhistory.com